Legend has it that the owner of the closest  house  to  the Cumberland  River  at Rowena had a daughter whose given name was Ena.  She lived with her family on the north bank of the river adjacent to both the road and the river. She was a brave fiery girl who often rowed people across the river and her  passengers  often  said  ''row  Ena''  and  later  on everyone called her "Rowena'', and the Rowena Community was her namesake.

Rowena was a bustling community located on the north bank of The Cumberland River in  what  is  now  Russell  County  Kentucky. The  Rowena  Post  Office  was  established  on May 4, 1847. The Rowena  Ferry  began  operation  in  1848  by  William  Lair  which provided residents with a critical link to the land to their north for over 100 years.  The Steamboat Rowena, named after this riverside community provided a means of transportation between Nashville, Tennessee and Burnside, Kentucky hauling goods to and from landings all along the Cumberland River, including  Rowena  Landing  the namesake of the ferry crossing and the most notable steamboat on  the  Cumberland River. On June 20, 1934, the Rowena Steamboat sank just  upstream  of  Rowena Landing  ending a 100-year era of  Steamboat  Transportation on  the Cumberland River.

'"Marina Rowena,' perpetuates the  rich  history of the community of Rowena. Eighty¬≠ Years after the sinking of steamboat Rowena, ''Marina Rowena'' will provide safe harbor for hundreds of recreational boaters to enjoy. Envisioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the original Lake Cwnberland Master Plan as an  ideal site for a commercial marina, Rowena lies  at  the epicenter of recreational  boating on Lake Cumberland. The vast acreage of water near Wolf Creek Darn and Halcomb's Landing is void of facilities to serve recreational boaters and ''Marina Rowena'' fills this need.

During Lake Cumberland's construction in the late 1940's and subsequent filling of the reservoir in 1950-1951, boating and water recreation was not even an authorized purpose for this massive reservoir. Today, the outdoor recreation industry  in all of  the United States is generating well over 600 billion dollars of annual economic contribution; an impact  that  rivals  even  this  nation's  pharmaceutical  industry. Since Lake Cumberland's creation, boat  ownership in the United States has increased
exponentially. No new facility has been granted on Lake Cumberland for
recreational boaters in over 50 some odd years. ''Marina Rowena'' is a much needed project that will provide visitors and boaters a first-class marina facility while contributing critical and substantial  economic benefit to the entire Lake Cumberland area.

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